Leading IN Leading FROM

Many years ago, while crawling through a very narrow, muddy pig-sty like, stench filled, obstacle-strewn, claustrophobic causing ditch, I learnt one the most valuable life and leadership lessons.

“Real leaders are capable of leading IN tight spaces because they lead FROM a large place.”

One has to do with your external context, while the other is your inner core. Character (our core) determines our ability to live and lead strong in restricted and limited contexts. Your ability to use skills acquired through training is determined by the strength of character that’s demonstrated in tight challenging contexts. Life and leadership flow from the inside out.

As leaders, we don’t always have complete control over our external context. But we do have complete control of what’s going on in our inner core. It taught me the lesson that I must continuously be tapping into and discovering and developing areas of my core if I’m to deploy from the place of strength. In the middle of your conflict and challenge, what’s on the inside of you flows up to the outside. It either empowers you or dis-empowers you, frees you or freezes you both emotionally and mentally. The choices we make in the middle of conflict and challenge is influenced by our inner emotional and mental state. In 2020 this knowledge helped me live and lead stronger in extremely tight spaces.

How about you?

  • Are you in a tight place?
  • How are you navigating your inner world?
  • What if you were able to tap into deeper levels of your inner core?
  • What would it be worth to you if you were able to live and lead from the inside out?

To underestimate and ignore your inner capability is to set yourself up for failure. To invest in discovering it and developing it is to set yourself up for success. Yes, you can live and lead from the inside out.

Carl Jung said, “who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens.”

I can help you look inside and discover and develop your core that will empower you to live and lead from the inside out. Contact me, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Thank you for reading this article. If it has helped you please share it with others.

Empowering your future today.




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Camillus De Almeida

Camillus De Almeida

I inform minds with knowledge, inspire hearts with passion and influence positive action that brings transformation to your personal and professional life.